Photo of me holding a piece of tissue covering my face

Photo taken by a colleague at lunch time, I was using a piece of tissue to cover my face since I’m a shy guy who never wants to be in photos. Until I looked at the photo I didn’t realise that I wasn’t even in focus. Lesson learned from this: one’s not as important as he/she thought in other people’s eyes.

My name is Haozhe XU and I’m an iOS software developer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from regular work, I also do photography as a hobby, write blogs about new technologies, research metaphysics (Iching, Tarot, Buddhism, etc) as well as publish my novels (written in Chinese and translated into English).

All I do in my spare time can be summarised into one mission statement, which is to discover the world from different aspects other than science. Through religions, metaphysics, camera lens and so on, I gained a different understanding of the world and universe. And what is science? In my opinion, it’s merely a way that human tries to discover unknowns and a summary of what we’ve found so far, based on which we build our modern society. That is to say, science is never the universal truth, and actually, the history of science was often advanced by new findings disproving previous findings. I believe the spirit of science is bringing up hypothesis boldly while proving it conscientiously and carefully, instead of considering it as absolute truth and ignore or discard everything that cannot be proved by the very limited findings (ie. science).

iOS Development

I’ve been working on popular iOS apps in Australia such like AFL Official App, NRL Official App, Cricket Live Official App and Sportsbet for iPad, with the experience being developer as well as tech lead I have come to obtain a unique set of skills including iOS development, agile methodology, team leading and so on.


I took photos in my spare time, and tried to learn and improve my photography skill. I do it as a hobby, in my bag there’s often a camera with 50mm equiv. lens. Most of the photos I took are randomly distributed onto different social medias but mainly on Instagram and Lofter, links are available in the Social Media & Contact list.

Novel Writing

Apart from the work I do for living, I’m also a Chinese classical poet, Chinese novel writer.

Social Media & Contact

My resume can be downloaded from here