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The Moon (2)

This thing is massive…
We’re not alone, are we?
No sir. We are not alone.
- Transformer: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a 2011 American science fiction/action film in the Transformers film series, in the beginning of the movie, astronauts found transformers on the back (ie. dark) side of the moon. Although the film is full of fictional elements, this particular plot has a deep background.

NASA began collecting intelligence on unusual events on the moon, and published a report in 1969 under the name R277, including human observation of mystery phenomenon of light spots, clouds, shadows, etc. on the surface of the moon. This is just one of the many evidences that scientists had realised long before landing on the moon, that the moon is not as simple as people might think. What is the truth then? Buddhism classcs considers everything visible in the world as “illusion”, and everything has a root “cause”, the thing itself is a “kamma” of the “cause”. How can the truth side be revealed if people only see the illusion side? For example, when we watch movies, what we see is actually the playback of sound and light. However, we are not watching random light and hearing noise, rather, we see the thoughts and feelings expressed by the story in the film. In the movie “2012”, the earth suffered a huge natural disaster, human civilization has been almost destroyed to the most primitive state, only top scientists and technicians survived in the giant ship, or the Ark. If the movie has a sequel, the plot might be as follows:

  1. Since the earth has been devastated, the disaster caused changes of trace elements on the earth’s surface, such like the drop of oxygen (according to scientists’ speculation, lack of oxygen is one of the possible reasons for dinosours’ extinction, caused by either asteroid impact or volcanic gases and dust), people could only survive in the “Ark”. If they want to go out from their ship, they have to wear protective equipment like spacesuits. People lived in such a way for quite a while, and they were constantly exploring the earth to see if the planet can return to its former liveable state. However, nothing could be found except some low-level species that can overcome harsh environments.
  2. One day, somewhere on earth, people found a group of creatures. These creatures are different from other low-level species, they have basic organizational skills, basic living groups, they eat raw meat, they wear tree leaves, and more importantly: they don’t need to wear spacesuit to survive. For those who can only live in the refuge ark, this group of creatures brings hope to their return to the earth.
  3. The new creatures thus became experiment items, just like what we do with guinea pigs today; However, the creatures were not as easy to control as guinea pigs, so people landed spacecraft in front of the new creatures, and when the creatures saw those coming out from spacecraft in spacesuits with blinking lights, their eyes are full of horror.
  4. In order to experiment with the new creatures, people invented something called “sacrifice”. Remember the only people survived in the disaster were top scientists? To those new creatures who wore leaves and ate raw meat, science and technology let survivors become their “god”, they have to sacrifice in order to get food and cure diseases.
  5. People found the physiology system of those new creatures much more advanced, who could live in harsh environment where people have to wear oxygen mask, this was exactly what people needed, so they started experiments using those creatures.
  6. Later, those creatures started to have their own languages, they even started thinking, people could no longer fool them but had to go back to their spaceships and keep a distance away from the creatures. However, they never gave up monitoring those creatures.
  7. Those creatures, have developed for thousands of years since the beginning of the history, they are the human beings nowadays; And the people (survivors from pre-history) are what we call “alien”.

Above is my hypothesis, it sounds inconceivable, but let’s talk about it. We know that there are many relic of ancient times around the world, which have mysteries that we could not explain, based on their time span, some historian think that there have been more than one history of human being: the world has been destroyed a few times, after each annihilation, there were only a small number of people survived, and when new human appear, possibly in different forms of body and physiology system, those “old” people are considered as alien.

If there was an overlap between “old” and “new” human beings, there might be some evidence from history. Below is the evolution of a few Chinese characters, they are pictograms, meaning the creation of those characters were derived from pictures of the objects they denote, in other words, pictograms more or less reflect the world people saw when they created the characters. Could the secret of pre-historical human being hidden in any of the characters?

Let’s first see the evolution of a few common characters:

Evolution of Oracle

The character for “emperor” draws my attention, which is composed by top part “白” (meaning white, sun-like) and bottom part “王” (meaning king):

Evolution of character 'King'

Due to the lack of information, I could only find its writings for a few periods in history. However, even so, it is enough to make people curious, according to what, did the ancients create the word for the “supreme emperor”? The prevailing saying is that the king wearing a golden crown, and the crown shines like the sun. This is easy to understand. However, for history research, both ancient records and cultural relics can only be used as a reference, facts can only be speculated, since it is impossible to, at least for now, travel back and see it with your own eyes, thus it is impossible to draw absolute conclusion. I have certain doubts about the upper part of the word “皇”, apart from symbolizing the crown that shines like the sun, could it be something else?

In Jin-Yong’s classic noval “Ode to Gallantry”, there’s a scripture of martial arts written in pictograms and no one would understand, because no one knows what characters those pictograms map to. However, a guy who can’t read, sees those pictograms as individual pictures instead of mapping them to known characters, learned the martial art skill instead. Right, for the sake of understanding a pictogram, instead of recognizing its radical root or mapping it to an existing character, why not consider it as a picture? Let’s have a look at the character for “star”:


The early-2nd-century Chinese dictionary “Explaining Graphs and Analyzing Characters” states:

(Star, the essence of all things…pictogram based on the character “口” with one extra line added, so it becomes the same as “日” (ie. sun)…)

Basically, ancient people used a circle “○” to represent star, but star isn’t exactly an empty circle, so they added a line in the circle to sort of “fill” it, which then looks like the character of the sun (ie. “日”). What we could get from this, is that due to limited character radicals, certain characters can have multiple meanings. If we look at the character “皇” for supreme emperor again, if its top half doesn’t carry the same meaning of the radical “日” or “白”, instead, suppose it’s a symbol, a picture, then what does it look like? Rather than the king’s crown, doesn’t it look more like human eye?

Ancient Eye

The character “目” is derived from human eye, and there are two lines inside it, but the character “白” on top of “皇” has only one line, if the radical “日” of character “皇” does mean eye, then what about the missing line? Let’s take a step further, if two lines in the character “目” represents the two eyes of a human, then could the missing line in the top part of “皇” specifically denote something different from a human’s two eyes…single eye?

Please pay attention to the black pupil in a human eye:

black pupil

Astronauts in spacesuits, pay attention to the mask on the head and the pipeline around the helmet:


And see the evolution of character for “supreme emperor”:

Evolution of Supreme Emperor

If we only think in the form of pictograms, another speculation is coming out: as a new human civilization, the “supreme emperor” in the eyes of the ancients are the remainings of the previous human civilization with super high technology. Because of the disaster that destroyed human civilization and caused changes in the atmosphere, they must wear spacesuits on the earth. In the eyes of new humans, they could do a lot of things that new human beings could not. However, their technology couldn’t make up for their own physiological defects, so they treated new humans as guinea pigs for different experiments, hoping to improve their own physiological mechanism.

As new human being develops, pre-history humans could no longer pretend to be “god”, so they left. What remains in the world? Every now and then, there are UFO events, real or fake; As well as different myths that have been circulated by many cultures, and relics which are usually about sacrificing animals or even live human to god (not to mention in many films of this topic, in sacrificial rites, priests often wear masks).

Carved lid of the tomb of K’inich Janaab Pakal I in the Temple of the Inscriptions:


Unknown flying objects (a.k.a UFO) appeared in many ancient artworks:


Madonna with Saint Giovannino is a 15th century painting at the center of a debate that has been going on for decades. Ancient alien theorists believe there is clearly a UFO in the background sky. Other historical paintings also depict strange objects in the sky, and this, say alien theorists, supports the argument that aliens have been coming to our planet and interacting with humans for millennia.

It seems like at some point in history, human civilization has been inextricably linked with extraterrestrial civilization.

This chapter is mostly my speculation, in the next chapter, I’ll talk about the Great Flood in both western and eastern history and how it relates with the moon. In the movie “2012”, in order to defend the flood, people built the big ship - Noah’s Ark at Himalaya, on top of Mount Everest. At the summit itself, a person’s oxygen intake is less than one-third that at sea level, so people have to carry supplement oxygen, or they cannot think clearly…wait, didn’t I mention people have to wear spacesuits in order to survive on earth?

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